Former top national football recruit Antonio Logan-El talks for the first time about being gay in an article with the Washington Post. Logan-El attended Maryland's Forestville High School then was a redshirt freshman at Penn State after heavy recruiting and a commitment-day announcement that left many Univ. of Maryland fans feeling snubbed. At the time, named him the No. 5 offensive lineman among all the college recruits that year. Logan-El never played a down for the Nittany Lions or any college football team.

In the WaPo article, Logan-El talks about staying in the closet to avoid the familiar sentiment of what he felt would be rejection by his teammates. From the Washington Post:

Logan-El had known he was gay since his first year at Forestville, and confusion stirred inside him as he got ready for school every morning. "‘Am I attracted to men?" he would ask himself, and the only way he knew how to answer was to bury himself in the weight room and become the alpha male in a sport full of them.

"No one wants to not be accepted. Even the most rebellious people in the world don't want to be rejected or not accepted," Logan-El said. "And the thought of losing friends, having people judge you, having people look at you weird and things of that nature, is a tough thing for anybody, not just a gay person."

Take a look at the whole piece, which delves into the life of a disappointing college football prospect.