Update: The picks are in!

We had contestants guess Sam would be drafted anywhere from the 26th pick (first round) to the 245th pick (seventh round). The average guess was No. 159 (fifth round – the Jaguars currently hold that pick). The most popular landing spots were the Patriots (7), Jets (4), Ravens (4), Seahawks (4), Falcons (3) and Giants (3).

Good luck to everyone who played!

Which team will draft Michael Sam, making him the first openly gay NFL player? It's a hot question and one that will make the draft more interesting than usual, and keep people tuned in even if Sam gets drafted in the later rounds.

Right now, which team (if any) will take Sam is a matter of guess work, and we want you to guess as well. Enter our contest and guess where Sam will be drafted and by what team (you can also predict he will go undrafted). The winner will win a customized long-sleeve T-shirt from the NFL team of their choice.
There are seven rounds in the draft and 256 total picks (NFL.com has a draft tracker).

To enter, simply post in the comment section on this page: 1) What number pick Sam will be (1 to 256), and 2) by what team. Deadline is 8 p.m. EDT Thursday. Winner will be the person who guesses closest to the correct draft slot for Sam (again, 1 to 256). If there is a tie (same selection, or two guesses equidistant from the correct answer), the winner will be chosen by a random draw. If the winner also gets the team correct, they will get two shirts – double the prize!

Only one entry per person. Once the deadline has passed, this post will be updated to give Cyd and Jim's picks, though we are ineligible for the prize.