See update below.
TV microphones caught a player calling an opponent a "fucking gay cunt" during a heated Under-20 match in the Australian National Rugby League State of Origin tournament on Saturday. The incident came a month after the NRL joined other major sports leagues in a campaign against homophobia.

The slur came from Mitchell Moses of the New South Wales Blues against Luke Bateman of the Queensland Maroons. The Sydney Morning Herald said the fight was marred with scuffles and that the NRL is investigating the slur to see if disciplinary action will be taken.
"There is no place for any form of discrimination in our game," NRL CEO Dave Smith said. "Rugby League is a game for everyone and we will not tolerate slurs based on gender, race, sexuality or any other matter. The NRL is determined to stamp out discrimination in our game.

"This matter will be investigated fully and, if any player has vilified an opponent, appropriate action will be taken."

The gay-oriented Bingham Cup will be held in Sydney this year.
Update: Since this post was first written, the NRL suspended Mitchell Moses two games for the slur.

NRL Head of Football Todd Greenberg said: "The player has accepted responsibility and apologized for his comments, which was taken into consideration in determining the penalty. … We will also require him to participate in a program to improve his awareness and understanding of the importance of eliminating discrimination, particularly homophobia, in the game."