Michael Sam will be drafted by the NFL this week, making him the first openly gay active NFL player. In the latest episode of From The Bench, former NFL player and You Can Play executive director Wade Davis shares concerns the NFL will look bad if Sam is drafted anywhere before or after the fourth round.

While he has been out front for over a year saying the NFL is a welcome place for gay people, Cyd Zeigler says he will really question that if Michael Sam isn't drafted, something Cyd says is "impossible." Wade questions him on that, sharing the stories of other solid college football players who went undrafted and proved themselves in the NFL.

And what's the role of the media in all of this? Guys like Teddy Bridgewater, once considered a possible No. 1 pick, have been torched by the media for his performances since the season ended. Does the media's over-analysis play a role in the dropping stock of guys like Bridgewater and Sam, or are they simply reflecting the sentiments of scouts and NFL front offices?

Check out all that and more in the latest episode of From The Bench.

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