On Saturday, Mitchell Moses, a player in Australia's National Rugby League's Under-20 division, called an opponent a "fucking gay cunt" during a scuffle broadcast live on TV. Two days later, he was suspended for two games. In response, Telegraph columnist Miranda Devine criticized the decision, saying it was "paying obeisance to homo-fascism," and that what Moses said was not a homophobic slur.

In response, openly gay Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham tweeted this:

You have to read Devine’s entire piece to get a sense of her twisted logic, but here is an example:

Woe betide the player who ­offends the gods of homosexuality.
Let's get one thing straight. "Gay" no longer just means "homosexual". The word has changed meaning over the last decade. Young people use "gay" to mean lame, or dumb or stupid, as in: "That's so gay." …

Before "gay" came to mean homosexual, it meant happy and bright. Hardly anyone uses it that way now. Young people of an earlier era changed the word and now young people of today have changed it into something else. Easy come easy go.

No one owns a word. English evolves, and it is quite capable of ­embodying two separate meanings in the one word. It is just tyrannical to demand that people must use a word only in the form approved by homosexual activists.

So why is anyone pretending that what Mitchell said had anything to do with homosexuality? It didn't.

Sorry, saying "gay" to an opponent in sports is the very definition of homophobic and something we have been writing about since this website started. The National Rugby League should be applauded for its decision and Miranda Devine can go back to trolling. Fortunately, the vast majority of comments on her article called her out for her lame logic and attempts to portray Moses as a victim.
Bravo to Matthew Mitcham for calling bullshit when he sees it.
Hat tip to Gay Star News.