Mexico World Cup coach Miguel Herrera has said his team supports the fans' chanting of 'puto' during the World Cupmatches in Brazil. 'Puto' has many derogatory meanings, including being used as a gay slur.

From the Associated Press, via the New York Daily News:

Herrera says Mexico fans shouting the slur as the rival team's goalkeeper takes a goal kick is ''not that bad.'' He says ''We're with our fans. It's something they do to pressure the opposing goalkeeper.''

A debate has raged over whether the fans are indeed chanting a gay slur. Some rely on the word's non-gay meaning, while others say the word is clearly being used to call opposing teams' players gay.

Either way, Univision has muted the chant in broadcasts in the past, and ESPN said it will likely do the same in Mexico's final group game in Brazil. FIFA is looking into the matter as well and has opened a case against Mexico.