Rhyian Anderson-Morley is a 23-year-old Australian Rules Football player in a semi-pro league and he came out publicly as gay in the Australian Age newspaper. His decision came after he saw what he called "the good, the bad and the ugly" from his teammates about gay issues.

I'm still not sure whether I made the right decision, but I am sure about two things. One, that the more you talk about it and the bigger deal you make about there being gay football players, the harder it becomes to make that bold move. And two, that I feel kind of stuck at the moment – I haven't been sure whether to make that decision and come out to the boys at my club, whether it is worth the drama or not. I guess this column is my way of doing that.

Anderson-Morley, who appeared on the Australian version of "The Voice," had given up Aussie Rules when he realized he was gay, thinking the two were incompatible. "As an adult, however," he wrote, "I learnt what it really meant to be a homosexual man. And, surprisingly enough, it was pretty similar to being a normal man."

He joins Jason Ball as out Aussie Rules players, though there has still yet to be an openly gay player from the premier AFL. Anderson-Morley's column is well thought-out and worth your time.

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