With the arrival of smart phones, physical calendar sales have evaporated… unless you put hot naked people in them. That's the lesson we've all learned from Dieux du Stads, the annual parade of some of the hottest men in (and outside of) sports that gay men and straight women buy by the truckload. A behind-the-scenes "making of" video has hit the net and has – shocking – generated some buzz.

The (assumed to be heterosexual) site Potins, which made the video, had this hysterical write-up of the video…

Ladies, this short video is for you. It presents scenes of 2015 Dieux du Stade calendar. And it is to consume without moderation. … Happiness for you ladies, but a torment to us men who do not have the chance to own such a physical Apollo.

Ummmmm, yeah, they're totally producing these videos and calendars for the "ladies." Yes, it's so terrible that "us men" don't have any Apollos like the "ladies" get to look at. As a gay man, I'm sooooo disappointed.