Update, July 16, 2014: Chris Kluwe plans to sue the Minnesota Vikings, will donate money gained to LGBT causes.

The Minnesota Vikings informed Chris Kluwe that they have concluded their investigation into his claims of anti-gay bias on the team, but that they will not share their findings with him or the public.

Kluwe will hold a press conference today at 12pmET in Minneapolis. Kluwe and his attorney said via a press release:

In January 2014, the Vikings hired two highly respected Minnesota legal figures to conduct an independent investigation into Kluwe's allegations that a coach – and the team itself – used homophobic slurs and taunts in an effort to quash his public support for gay marriage rights. Kluwe alleged in a January Deadspin article that he was fired by the Vikings for being an outspoken gay rights advocate – and that a coach, Mike Priefer, had openly and privately made homophobic comments and slurs intended to intimidate Kluwe. The Vikings promised to make a full report of the investigation available to Kluwe and his attorney. Now, more than six months later, the investigators have handed over their report to the Vikings – and the Vikings refuse to give Kluwe a copy of the report.

As Michael Davis Smith points out on Pro Football Talk: "If the Vikings have concluded their investigation and are now refusing to make the report public, that strongly suggests that the investigation found wrongdoing within the organization. If the investigation cleared the team and its staff, why wouldn't the Vikings say so publicly?"

Kluwe is a client of the National Center for Lesbian Rights.

The Vikings must release the results of their investigation, or the public will forever be given license for assuming the worst of the findings.