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'Rent boy' chant in soccer now coming under the microscope as anti-gay

With the attention paid to the 'puto' World Cup chant, some are now claiming that 'rent boy' targeting Chelsea F.C. players is anti-gay.

Paul Thomas

After the furor surrounding the chanting of 'puto' by Mexico and Brazil fans during the World Cup, some in England are taking a look at another popular soccer chant. The Chelsea Football Club in England has long been the target of a "rent boy" chant that some say is designed to attack the players by saying they are gay (or, at least, gay for pay).

Pink News has a couple of rationalizations for the chant by fans:

One claims that the chant is directed against Chelsea for two reasons. Firstly, because the nearby Earl's Court area of London is apparently a "notorious pick-up area for rent boys". Secondly because, since Roman Abramovich bought and invested heavily in Chelsea, their players are seen as mercenaries who will do anything for money.

This is a curious case and one that we'll be watching.

You can listen to the chant below at a couple Chelsea games against Manchester and Everton.