The murder of trans woman Mia Henderson raises a ton off issues. Henderson was the sister of Los Angeles Clippers guard Reggie Bullock.

First is the obvious: There is way too much violence happening against trans people. It seems every week there are one or two publicly discussed attacks on trans people. This has got to stop, and hopefully Bullock will speak out against this violence once he has been able to put his sister to rest.

Second is Bullock's choice of pronouns to refer to Henderson. My heart goes out to Bullock, it really does. He obviously doesn't understand what his sister went through and who she is. There's so much love Bullock has shared about her that it's clearly of no ill will that he calls Henderson a "man" and "my brother."

We in the LGBT community have not done enough to educate people like Bullock on these issues. We must do more.

Lastly, I think about the language Bullock must have heard over the years about trans people from teammates and other people. Those folks thought they were away from the earshot of anyone who might be "offended" by homophobic and transphobic words. They were wrong. We need to clean up all language around sports – because you never know who's listening and who their families members are.