British diver Tom Daley is discovering what other gay athletes have once they've come out — they feel liberated, no longer having to hide. The BBC interviewed Daley at the Commonwealth Games in Scotland.

Interviewed by BBC Sport in the run-up to his appearance in Glasgow, Daley believes the decision to talk openly about his sexuality has been a positive and liberating experience.

"The public support has been overwhelming," he says. "Everyone's been so nice." It is also, he adds, a "massive weight" off his shoulders.

"Right now, all I concentrate on is diving," he says. "I don't have any other worries. I'm happy with life, I'm happy with diving."

The pressure of not having to watch everything you say and every word choice is one huge reason LGBT people feel such relief after coming out. Daley's reaction is noteworthy in as much as it reiterates a universal theme.
In other Commonwealth Games news involving an openly gay athlete, Australian diver Matthew Mitcham won the silver medal in the 1-meter springboard.

As a bonus, here is the above photo of Daley full-size (click for larger view):