Michael Sam sacked Johnny Manziel twice in the fourth quarter of the St. Louis Rams' preseason game against the Cleveland Browns Saturday night. Sam is now tied for third-most sacks in the 2014 NFL preseason.

Almost immediately, NFL.com had it as their lead story with a picture of Sam on the ground with Manziel. ESPN played it a little lower-key, posting the video lower on their front page.

Jim Buzinski mentioned the big attention the sack would get a couple days ago, saying ESPN would have an orgasm. It was certainly the biggest moment for Sam's young career. It was Sam's second and third sacks of the preseason. The second sack of the night ended the game.

After the sack, Sam strutted down the field mocking Manziel's money celebration, rubbing his fingers together. Sam has shown a lot of attitude and moxy at camp and in this preseason, something quite valued at his position.

It was a big moment for Sam, who is in a real battle to make the Rams' roster.

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