The Chicago White Sox announced they will host an LGBT night, “Out at the Sox,” on Saturday, Aug. 16, against the Toronto Blue Jays.

Many White Sox fans, for their part, are establishing themselves on Facebook as pretty mean-spirited. Not all of them – some of the Facebook posts welcome the "diversity" and mock the people screaming in agony over the "gay night." Yet some of them claim to be longtime or life-long White Sox fans but will now no longer be fans of the team because the White Sox are embracing the LGBT community.

A sampling…

Life time Sox Fan will be no more, this here is simply a Money Grab, how pathetic I mean really…let the boycott begin cause they will no longer be my team of choice…THEY GONE!

What does sexual orientation have to do with baseball? Why have a special sporting event in honor of any sexual orientation?

Shouldn't who we are in the bedroom with be a private matter? I don't understand why people feel they need to shout from the mountain top what there preference in bed is. Just my opinion ….

This is ridiculous, and so unnecessary . It is preposterously over the top. There is no call or reason for this. Why does an MLB team need to have a night calling attention to people's sexual choice and preference?

Wow! I can't believe this, anything to make money what a disappointment White Sox…

SMH… What people do behind closed doors should stay behind closed doors and not be on parade for the general public.

Shoving homosexuality on your fans is over the line. This makes me want to turn my back on the White Sox.

this is typical of that part of our society that slams the glbt down our throats and demands we accept it. well baby screw. —— U

As we continue to make headway in sports and in equality, my guess is we'll see more people being more unabashed about bashing gays. Hopefully they'll keep it to their keyboards.