News items:

Peter King of Sports Illustrated: “I talked to three [NFL] team architects over the weekend. They’re concerned about the circus coming to town with the first openly gay player trying to make an NFL roster.”

Media attention? Circus? Distractions? They must mean:


Ray Lewis: At scene of a double murder, pleads guilty to obstruction of justice. Becomes
honored statesman of NFL.


Ray Rice: Last seen dragging his unconscious fiancée out of an elevator at an Atlantic
City casino. Eligible to play again after two-game suspension.


Tim Tebow: The picture says it all.


Terrell Owens: Once accused a teammate of being gay, yet spent as much time out
of his uniform as in it. His holdout from the Eagles in 2005 attracted a media horde to his
driveway watching him do situps. Still signed by five teams.

Donte Stallworth: Drove drunk and killed a man. Did 30 days in jail, later played again
in the NFL.

Michael Vick: Killed dogs, went to jail. Has played in the league since being
reinstated in 2009.

Johnny Manziel: Star of summer-long ESPN show called “SportsCenter.”

Michael Sam: Gay. Led team in preseason tackles and snaps. “No distraction … good
teammate,” coach said. Still without a job.

Photos: Terrell Owens by Getty Images. All others by USA TODAY.