A fraternity at LSU has apologized to the school after hanging a banner prior to the school's college football game Sept. 6 against Sam Houston State that read: "Michael isn't the only Sam getting the 'D' tonight."

The Delta Kappa Epsilon's Zeta Zeta chapter displayed the message, which some deemed offensive, on what appeared to be a bed sheet secured over the entrance of the fraternity house Saturday (Sept. 6). The apology letter says the chapter will stop hanging signs in front of the DKE house "indefinitely."

"Zeta Zeta is a chapter full of rich traditions, one of them being our game day banners," the fraternity wrote.

"Though satire is sometimes the goal, crossing the line and causing offense to others is never the intent," the letter from the DKEs, addressed to LSU President and Chancellor F. King Alexander, said. "We truly apologize to you and all other members of the LSU community who have had to deal with the effects of this banner."

Michael Sam, the first openly gay player drafted in the NFL, is on the Dallas Cowboys practice squad. LSU beat Sam Houston State 59-0.
This is not the first offensive sign hung by the DKE chapter at LSU. They also apologized for a disgusting 2013 banner mocking the 1970 massacre of four students at Kent State and in 2012 made fun of the mass shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, Colo.

The gay LSU student group Spectrum condemned DKE for its Michael Sam sign, saying: "Delta Kappa Epsilon's game day banner on Saturday created a highly visible unwelcoming environment for LSU's LGBT students… LSU looks to attract and retain a bright, diverse, and unique student body. To that end, LSU must keep its strong commitment to broadening the cultural diversity of the LSU community."

I have one question: What the hell is "Michael isn't the only Sam getting the 'D' tonight" supposed to mean? Is the "D" supposed to mean "dick"? If so, that very obtuse since I have never heard "D" used as shorthand for that. These frat boys obviously think they're clever, but their "humor" sailed right past me. Based on their past signs, these are clueless dimwits who think being offensive in and of itself rises to the level of satire.

Please let me know in the comments your interpretation of the "joke."