Each week, ESPN takes its "College GameDay" to a different campus and each week fans hold signs behind the hosts. Some are funny, some are just boosterism and some are offensive. And sometimes the offensive ones make it on the air.

That was the case today when the show was at Columbia, South Carolina, home of the University of South Carolina Gamecocks. In the upper right of the photo above, you see the sign (courtesy of Deadspin) that says "Michael Sam couldn't even handle dem Cocks."

Michael Sam is gay. Therefore, he must love cocks. Yet South Carolina has so many Cocks that they would prove too much for Michael Sam. LOL. I imagine the guy (and it had to be a guy) making that sign was chuckling the whole time thinking he was being so clever. He was also probably a little turned on by the thought.

"Replacing subtle racism with overt homophobia is not progress, South Carolina!," Timothy Burke wrote on Deadspin.

The sign is not the most offensive one to show up on GameDay this season. That goes to the morons at Oklahoma State who mocked a massacre of Native Americans.

Update: I added the poll since most of the commenters said it wasn't offended. That surprised me since to me it's pretty obvious.