I saw lots of messages on social media from (mostly gay) friends last weekend bemoaning New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s presence in the box of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Not only were they sitting together, but they were jumping up and down celebrating together, seemingly inseparable. Jones called Christie his “mojo.” It lead country singer Kinky Friedman to joke that Christie and Jones are “gay lovers.”

The happy couple will be back at it Sunday as Christie has announced he will accept Jones’ offer of tickets to the Cowboys-Packers game and attend the game at Lambeau Field.

"As a lifelong Cowboys fan, it's hard to pass up attending a playoff game when you've been dubbed the team's mojo," Christie said in the statement. "Not wanting to risk breaking the team's 5-0 streak by messing with karma, Governor Christie, his orange sweater and his son Andrew will all travel to Lambeau Field this weekend to attend the game against the Green Bay Packers."

Prepare yourself for lots of shots of Christie and Jones celebrating – or consoling one another. And given the expected kickoff temperature of 24 degrees, expect some cuddling.