The British gay magazine Gay Times has put out its annual naked issue and once again it is able to get big-name athletes in the country to pose naked. One of them is Luke Campbell, who won a gold medal in boxing at the 2012 London Olympics.

Campbell says he did not know many gay people prior to appearing in the magazine in 2012 but that he gets a lot of support from the gay community.

Did you notice more gay fans after you did GT in 2012?
Yeah, for sure. I got quite a bit of support from the gay community. It might have been because boxing is known as tough sport and you don’t often see boxers willing to take their clothes off for a gay magazine, so maybe they appreciated that.
Can you understand why gay some sportsmen stay in the closet?
Yeah I can see it’s very hard for people in that situation depending on what their friends and family are like. They could easily be scared of what other people think and that puts a lot of pressure on them. But nowadays people don’t really bat an eyelid over sexuality. Why should anyone be bothered what another person does behind closed doors? If you show me respect and manners you will receive them back in return regardless of your sexuality.None of the naked images are available on, but the magazine is available for digital download. Here are some bonus shots of Campbell from his Instagram account:

Last weeks shoot

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Great training session on this Beautiful morning here In the keys

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