A guy who just got hired as a bar-back at the gay sports bar Hi-Tops in San Francisco has a fashion quandary — what to wear? He posted this question on the Male Fashion Advice forum on Reddit:

Hi there,

I just got hired as a barback at a gay sports bar. The whole place is "gym class" themed (wooden bleachers as bartops, pigskin upholstered stools, etc.), and obviously glorifies the high school jock stereotype. The only dress requirement for me is that we must wear an article of sports-apparel – meaning anything with team logos (professional or non-professional).

Does anyone have any good ideas or visual inspiration dumps for this type of style? I was thinking jerseys, backwards snap-backs, tank tops, high top sneakers, etc… What does everyone think? Is there a specific name for this style?

Thanks in advance for the help!

EDIT: A varsity jacket would look great, but it's too crowded and hot to actually wear more than one layer.

The most obvious answer in a gay bar is as little as possible. Judging from the photo above, taken from the Hi-Tops website, that's clearly the fashion sense of the bartenders. But bar-backs do a lot of walking and lifting, so a pair of comfortable, non-slip athletic shoes are a must. They can go with jeans or khaki shorts, a sports jersey and baseball cap. If he has a body he want to show off, a cut-off football jersey would be hot, and tall athletic socks have a jock vibe.

The Reddit commenters are gave pretty good advice, so how would you dress the bar-back?

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