Kevin Lanflisi at one time was the roommate and personal assistant to Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Rumors had them being boyfriends, even though Lanflisi has never stated this, while Rodgers has said publicly he is not gay. Regardless, they at one time were close friends and clearly had a falling out over something. Lanflisi is still bitter about it.

The latest evidence is the tweet Lansflisi sent Sunday after the Green Bay Packers' season ended in Seattle with a crushing overtime loss to the Seahawks.

The "offseason" comment is a reference to Rodgers' famous "R-E-L-A-X" quote to Packers fans earlier this season when Green Bay was struggling. Most of those replying to the tweet took Lanflisi to task.

This is not the first time this season that Lanflisi has gloated over a Packers loss with a specific reference to Rodgers. He tweeted this after the Packers lost by 21 points to New Orleans on Sunday Night Football in October:

In other tweets, Lanflisi references his "better half" and calls that person "her," and Rodgers is now dating actress Olivia Munn, so each is clearly publicly straight. We might never know the reason for Lanflisi's anger at Rodgers, but he now openly roots against him and the Packers. The tweets this season are in marked contrast to the reverential, admiring, personal and friendly ones Lanflisi used to send, including a back and forth with Rodgers.
It's safe to say Lanflisi won't be going to Lambeau Field any time soon to cheer on Rodgers, not that he would ever be invited again.