The players on the Nottingham University field hockey team in England wanted to call attention to homophobia in sports, so they did the one thing that will grab everyone's attention — they got naked.

It worked. A video they did of their campaign has gotten 439,000 views since November.

“We originally did it for a bit of fun while trying to help out where we can and to show as a club we have a zero tolerance attitude to issues such as this,” club President Piers Denning told the Huffington Post. “The fact that it has gone absolutely crazy is is nothing but a massive bonus!

"I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that sport at university is the best thing about university life. Not just for the on-and-off the pitch action but the life skills and assets it provides, from a healthy life style to mates you will make for life and even employability skills you can gain for things such as committee positions.

"It is ridiculous to think that some people don't want to get involved with stuff like this due to the fact they think they would have to hide who they are, sport is an incredibly welcoming environment and everyone should be able to experience it."
Player Dimitri Vichas is openly gay and he said that while he has not faced discrimination in sports, he knows others have. "I just wanted to try to work to end this wrong perception and stigma," he told the Daily Mirror.
Due to the size restrictions on our main photo, some of the message is cut off. Here the lads are in full: