We previously reported on a joke by South Carolina fans, broadcast by ESPN, that made a correlation between openly gay NFL player Michael Sam and, well, cocks. We labeled that sign "vulgar" and didn't find it particularly funny.

The folks at Walter Football – a sports commentary site – decided they would take their cheeky shot at Sam by showing, well, some cheek. In their latest power rankings they have the Green Bay Packers at No. 3 with this comment:

OK, it's tasteless and plays on homophobia. Football is all about guys in tight clothes grabbing each other. The stories about what goes on in a pile-up on the gridiron could fill a feature-length film from Falcon Studios.

I'm just shocked they didn't pick up on the name of No. 21 in the photo, let alone the Packers monicker. Those are just too easy…

But is it bad? Should we march on Lambeau over this one?