Outside of NFL players, no pro athletes wear as much gear as NHL players. And with the sport not getting the level of attention of pro football, it's hard to realize how smoking hot many of these guys are once the padding comes off.

Vancity Buzz, a Vancouver website, has done a great service by picking the 20 hottest NHL players. The list was compiled before the season and has gotten 166,000 Facebook likes. It was just brought to our attention by our good friend Ross Forman, and this is a case of it's never too late.

Vancity Buzz's list has a lot of skin, so is worth checking out. We are supplementing their list with some cool shots of some hot players taken before the season at an NHLPA media event:

Alex Wennberg

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Charles Hudon

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Colton Sissons

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Darnell Nurse

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Greg McKegg

Haydn Fluery

Haydn Fleury (currently in the minors as a prospect for the Carolina Hurricanes).
(Photos by Ken Andersen/NHLPA, Jason Gould/NHLI via Getty Images)