Update: Houston Texans spokesperson Kevin Cooper has released this statement from Bob McNair:

"Houston is a city known for the diversity and exceptionalism of its hard working people. We are also a city that works to ensure that everyone is treated respectfully and fairly.

"I strongly believe that everyone who lives or works in or visits Houston should be treated with the utmost dignity and respect. Because of the way the HERO ordinance is written, it has begun to separate rather than unite our community. This problem can be solved by defeating the current bill in November, thoughtfully rewriting it and then resubmitting it to the voters."

What the statement fails to acknowledge is that any effort to protect LGBT people will "separate" some in the Houston community as so many oppose equal rights for us.

Previously: Houston Texans owner Bob McNair has reportedly donated $10,000 to efforts to repeal the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO), which protects LGBT people from various forms of discrimination.

From the Houston Chronicle:

McNair, a frequent GOP donor, mailed the $10,000 check to opponents earlier this week, according to Campaign for Houston spokesman Jared Woodfill. He said the donation "was very exciting for us."

Former Houston Astros star Lance Berkman has also been part of the campaign to end equal-rights protections for LGBT people in Houston.

Super Bowl LI is set to be hosted at the Texans’ stadium in February 2017. It will be interesting to see if the NFL has anything to say about McNair’s opposition to equality, or the potential impact on the city’s hosting of the Super Bowl if the ordinance is overturned by voters next month.

NFL spokesperson Greg Aiello had no comment. The Texans did not immediately return a request for comment. We will update the story when we have that.