The beauty of live TV is that it's, duh, live, so the unexpected can happen. We saw it Sunday when the NFL Network accidentally aired some footage of naked Cincinnati Bengals following their win in Buffalo.

Deadspin has the goods and before you click, I could only see a glimpse of a penis, though there were a couple of nude butts and one guy looked like he was holding his junk on the way to the shower:

What I liked most was the NFL Network commentary after the clip was aired. They didn't try and ignore what viewers saw and instead had fun with it:

"Wowee, zowie, what an interview."
"Yeah, that was interesting."

No harm, no foul and I hope NFLN doesn't get shy about showing locker room interviews. Even if a little nudity will sneak in now and then.

–While the Bengals looked good naked, they looked even better with their uniforms on, going 6-0 for the first time since 1988. They are getting consistently great line play, QB Andy Dalton is an MVP candidate and they have maybe the best collection of skill players in football in A.J. Green, Marvin Jones, Tyler Eifert, Jeremy Hill and Giovanni Bernard. I won't officially believe in them until they win their first playoff game since 1990, but this team is impressive.

WTF? The Indianapolis Colts win the award for the worst play call of the year and a contender for worst in memory. Watch it here:

The play made no sense at the time, or three hours later. If the goal was to get the Patriots to jump offsides or burn a timeout, that was dumb. The Colts have a great punter in Pat McAfee and their defense was playing well. Running the play was dumber, since it gave the Patriots a short field and turned into the deciding TD of the 34-27 game.

The Colts are 3-3 but play in the AFC South, a garbage division, so they'll make the playoffs by default. But no way they'll beat the Patriots if they play them again, especially since any playoff game will almost certainly be in Foxboro.

–Ranking the unbeatens. Five teams are still unbeaten and this is how I rank them:

1. Patriots (5-0): The survived the Colts' best shot and always make the plays that matter. I don't see an unbeaten season, but hard to see them losing more than twice.

2. Bengals (6-0): Right now, they are better than the Packers, but this team has to prove it can win in January.

3. Packers (6-0): They barely survived 500 yards passing from Phillip Rivers and the Chargers and are not dominant. But they are hard to beat at home, so getting playoff home field is paramount. They really miss Jordy Nelson and need a receiver to stretch the field.

4. Broncos (6-0): They get the nod over the Panthers with one more win overall and four on the road. But unless Peyton Manning and the offense get in sync, they will need that great defense to bail them out. Last 10 games are brutal, with contests against the Patriots (5-0); Packers (6-0); Bengals (6-0); at Steelers (4-2 and Ben Roethlisberger will be back) and at Colts (a tough place to play), plus four always-hard division games. Getting a playoff bye would be an accomplishment.

5. Panthers (5-0): They beat four tomato cans, but winning at Seattle on Sunday is the real deal, despite how shaky they Seahawks look. Carolina has huge games coming up against the Packers and Colts, so we will know more bout them soon.

ESP: When I wrote that the Seahawks were done in Week 2, I got a lot of push-back from Seattle fans calling me a no-nothing idiot. But I have proven to be prescient since this team is now 2-4 and in no way resembles the one that won one Super Bowl and came within a yard of winning two.
Their once-vaunted defense has now blown fourth-quarter leads in all four losses and it would have been five had the refs not bailed them out against the Lions. A wild card is still possible but the Seahawks will continue a 43-year tradition of the Super Bowl loser not winning it the following year. They're simply not that good.

Hot player of the week: Brandon McManus, kicker, Denver Broncos.

McMoney is 16 for 17 on field goals this season, including the game-winner in overtime Sunday at Cleveland. He is the Broncos' offensive MVP so far, not a good sign for them, but reflective of how vital all his kicks have been. Plus, he's smoking hot and looks like he has a 28-inch waist.