The bungled Three Stooges-esque fake punt run by the Indianapolis Colts gets funnier as players try and explain what happened. The latest attempt came by punter Pat McAfee, who explained what Griff Whalen was thinking when he snapped the ball to Colt Anderson and hilarity ensued.

"Griff has no idea we're trying to draw the guy offsides because in the play it says if we get under center, snap it. So Colt Anderson is trying to draw a guy offsides to pick up an easy five yards. If not, we just don't snap it. We take a delay of game.

"Griff goes, ‘His hands aren't supposed to be on my ass. If I feel him right now, I'm supposed to snap it.' So this is a 100 percent miscommunication. It's literally a miscommunication."

"His hands aren't supposed to be on my ass" is the line of the year in the NFL and suggests a great plot for a gay porn movie. We already have two awesome porn names — Griff and Colt — and a sport that lends itself to homoeroticism in a big way. The movie practically writes itself — two jocks, locker rooms, balls, tight ends, all sorts of double entendre. You can imagine the rest.

McAfee spent 20 minutes on Indianapolis radio talking about the Patriots game and the fake punt and he is hilarious in describing how everything that could wrong went wrong. Seldom do you see a player so honest about a play screwup. He would be the perfect director for the "Griff and Colt After Dark" movie.