University of Pennsylvania volleyball player Kendall Covington recently opened up about her sexual orientation for a video series called "I Am Penn" in which athletes discuss their part of the Penn community. Covington, who is bisexual, said she wanted to share her story to help other people who might be struggling with their sexual orientation.

She told Outsports:

"My experience coming out experience as a Division 1 athlete at Penn was in fact easier than I thought it would be. I came in thinking I would not be welcomed and people would abstain from befriending me. However, I pushed those thoughts aside and decided to be proud of who I am and own it. As a result, I received more support than I thought I would and realized that no one cared about my how I identified my sexuality.

"A bit of advice for those that are nervous to come out to their peers or teammates or just in general, especially in a college environment, be true to who you are and people will respect you no matter how you identify."

Covington works with two athlete groups — PATH and GO! Athletes — to build networks of LGBT athletes to provide support and empowerment for others.

You can find Kendall Covington on Facebook and on Twitter @KendallCov.