Several years ago the men of Warwick Rowing Club decided to create a naked calendar to raise money for their club. Very quickly many gay men, including many Outsports followers, latched onto the team and their revealing calendar project. The naked rowers quickly exploded on social media and became a phenomenon.

While the group has been directing some proceeds to help organizations associated with ending homophobia in sports, this year they decided to address their gay fans – ahem – head-on in a video (below):

We started hearing from a lot of gay men. They found our calendar, and they really liked it. Did we mind having gay fans? Some of them asked. We didn't even understand the question. Why would we mind? But it turns out some guys do mind. It's called homophobia.

It's great to see these guys so free of much of the bullshit we hear surrounding some sports teams and athletes. Whether you're a rowing fan or not, consider picking up their latest calendar or one of the other items for sale.

After all, like the guys say in their latest video…

"Sports should be fun. And so should looking at naked sportsmen."


Check out their new video below:

Warwick Rowers 2016 Calendar from Low Fat Media on Vimeo.