The voters of Houston soundly defeated a law, 61% to 39%, that would have protected LGBT people and others from discrimination in the city. The measure was defeated by anti-LGBT bigots who used fear about transgender people using public bathrooms.

The Houston Texans, the NFL franchise in the city, aren't saying anything about it.

Texans spokesperson Kevin Cooper sent this one line to Outsports after a request for comment late Tuesday night:

"No, the Texans don't have any comment about this or any other political outcomes tonight."

This comes after Texans owner Bob McNair donated $10,000 to defeat the anti-discrimination law. Within a week he was shamed into rescinding the donation, claiming he had a change of heart because of how the anti-LGBT side had positioned his support.

Former Houston Astros star Lance Berkman fed into the hysteria by recording ads imploring people to follow irrational fears of men stalking women in restrooms.

Either way, the Texans now must decide whether they embrace or reject equality for LGBT people. Will they allow transgender people to use the bathrooms of their gender at NRG Stadium? Will they ensure the safety of trans Texans and other NFL fans who use those bathrooms?

This fight is far from over, and the Texans will eventually have to pick a side.