Houston voters this week overwhelmingly voted to end Houston's equal rights ordinance, which gave non-discrimination protections to LGBT people, among others. With 61% of the vote, it's clear that voters in Houston very much want the ability to discriminate against LGBT people, particularly the T.

Immediately there were calls for the NCAA and NFL to move their upcoming men's Final Four and Super Bowl. Yet both organizations very quickly said, "nah, we're good." Despite both groups doing some work to help end anti-LGBT bias and homophobia in their organizations, the legalization of discrimination in Houston simply wasn't a big deal. What message are they sending to Houstonians and other anti-LGBT groups in other cities? Will they empower other cities to rescind their non-discrimination laws?

Also, Ryan Mizner, a graduate assistant for the Central Michigan Univ. men's basketball team, has come out as gay. He shared his story with Outsports and talked about the support he has received from his team. Another domino falls.