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Podcast: The open 'secret' of some gay people in sports. Plus, NBA's handling of Rondo.

Several people in sports came out publicly this week, but they were already 'out' in their personal and professional lives.

Three men in sports chose to come out publicly this week: NBA referee Bill Kennedy, Dodgers executive Erik Braverman and Connecticut Sun head coach Curt Miller. Each of them has a different story, but they all have one thing in common: Many people in their profession and their personal lives knew they were gay. So why did they come out to the media now? And what do they hope to accomplish?

Kennedy's coming out was in response to Rajon Rondo calling him a gay slur multiple times. The NBA first hid that fact, then acknowledged it once Kennedy came out. We talk about Rondo's suspension and the handling of the situation by NBA commissioner Adam Silver.

Plus, we have some year-end awards we've given out, with more coming. We'll recap why the honorees have been selected, and we'll give a preview of the rest of the awards to come this year.