The Heisman Trophy will be awarded Saturday to one of three college football players: Deshaun Watson of Clemson, Derrick Henry of Alabama or Christian McCaffrey of Stanford. All three are worthy, but if hotness and studliness were factors (they would be if the gays ran the place!), I would go with McCaffrey. He stands above the rest.

Here is my Heisman ballot based on hotness, including three other worthy contenders who did not make finalist. Ranked in order from 6 to 1.

6. Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma quarterback

The mini fu-manchu stache doesn't do it for me, though that is a nice smile.

5. Dalvin Cook, Florida State running back

Great smile and eyes.

4. Derrick Henry, Alabama running back

A body for days

3. Deshaun Watson, Clemson quarterback

6-2, lean and mean

2. Keenan Reynolds, Navy quarterback

That's a recruiting poster there.

1. Christian McCaffrey, Stanford running back

As hot as his daddy, former Bronco Ed McCaffrey. Christian is the total package.

Photos by Getty Images and USA TODAY Sports.

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