Well, Johnny Weir has certainly outdone himself. His attire for the Super Bowl will have to be the talk of Super Bowl parties in Chelsea and West Hollywood – heck, everywhere from Boston to Albuquerque – as NBC tries to lure people into their pre-game broadcast for the next few hours.

Weir hasn't disappointed with his outfit for NBC's coverage of the Super Bowl tailgate parties. To summarize:

  • The costume designer for the next Tron movie is taking notes.
  • Johnny Weir doesn't know how to apply eye black. We love you Johnny, but unless you're going for the cat-whiskers look, that's pretty…wow.
  • The jewel-encrusted football yarmulke will be available at Macy's by March.

For her part, Tara Lipinski looks fabulous in a silver dress. They are quite a duo.

Yet the question remains: How many "Johnny Weir at the Super Bowls" will we see for Halloween on Santa Monica Blvd. in October.