The last time the New England Patriots played the Seattle Seahawks, the Seahawks erased a 13-point fourth-quarter deficit to beat the Patriots, 24-23. That led to a now-infamous exchange between Richard Sherman in Tom Brady in which Sherman asked Brady, “You mad bro?”

It was the game that led even some New England faithful to question whether the Patriots had lost "it," their ability to close out a game. The franchise has not been used to blowing double-digit fourth-quarter leads, but some slip-ups on defense and a stalled offense in the fourth quarter cost them the big win and jump-started a renewed confidence in a young Seattle team destined for greatness.

Sherman has since become known for his solid defense and a big mouth, while Brady's game has seemed to slip while still managing a top offense in the NFL.

We can only hope the two exchange pleasantries after Super Bowl XLIX, no matter who wins.