When video surfaced of SAE fraternity members at the University of Oklahoma singing a racist song about never allowing blacks as members, Oklahoma Sooners linebacker Eric Striker went off. His epic Snapchat rant at SAE ("fuck all you, bitches") went viral and captured the raw reaction of hearing fellow students gleefully chanting the N-word.

Striker calmed down with his language but not how he sees injustice around him at Oklahoma. In a great interview with Jason Kersey of NewsOK.com, Striker comes across as someone who has thought deeply about such issues. It was so gratifying that he brought up gay rights as part of the discussion:

It's 2015. People have to adjust to the way the world's changing.

We're talking more about gay rights. You can't be the same ignorant person you were before. You have to allow yourself to change and evolve. I had a gay friend in high school named Thaddeus who changed my life. They are human beings. They are people just like us at the end of the day. There's nothing wrong with them.

I wish he had said more about Thaddeus, but it was terrific that he brought up gay rights himself. Striker is a star on the OU football team and it's a guarantee that if any fellow Sooner player came out as gay, that he would have his back.