March Madness consists of 10 days of basketball with 63 games played. On day one, 11 of the first 16 games were undecided with a minute to play and four upsets took place, all with double-digit seeds winning. We will have an 11- or 14-seed in the Sweet 16. We still have nine days to go!

Everyone gets hyped for Super Bowl Sunday, but in the end it’s two weeks of hype for one three-hour game. Every so often we’ll get to see some awesome finish, but that happens every few years.

This is why March Madness trumps the Super Bowl as the best event in sports. For three weeks basketball fans and non-fans alike are captivated by little-known schools and their teams. Michael Jordan's corner jump shot to beat Georgetown and Christian Laettner's shot to beat Kentucky can be remembered more than most Super Bowl moments.

The build-up alone is more fun. NFL analysts have two weeks to talk about the same points over and over and over. The madness begins with a selection show and millions of people filling out brackets. Thirty-two games get discussed and hundreds of topics are covered. Three days aren't enough time to cover it all. The "boss button" probably gets millions of hits during the first two days as folks track their brackets. We all love to root for David (Mercer) as they take down Goliath (Duke).

Today we had RJ Hunter banging a three with two seconds to play and his dad falling off his chair. Later in the night, Troy Caupain scored a lay-up at the buzzer and Cincinnati knocked off Purdue in OT. Moments of pure madness.

So as we enter day two, sit back and enjoy. The best sporting event comes around once a year, and it does not take place on a Sunday in February.

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