Years ago, Outsports had a fan forum that allowed readers to interact with one another. Today we have FanPosts, but before that it was something a bit more robust.

Back in the day, when early adopters like Joe In Philly, Larry, Dee and worm ruled the roost, there was a user named Ump25 who was a gay Major League Umpire. We know he was an MLB umpire. We know.

When Dale Scott came out publicly in Referee magazine and then Outsports last year, many old-time readers of Outsports surmised that Scott was Ump25.

He is not.

It shouldn't be any surprise to folks that there might be more than one Major League baseball umpire. With 30 teams and 162 games to officiate per team, there are a lot of umpire positions to go around. Officiating high school football, I've been amazed at how many gay men have found their way into the stripes. There are 96 MLB umpires (interestingly, no one numbered No. 69). So with Scott coming out, there are statistically 2.4 to go.