The NFL will paint the 50-yard markers gold at every stadium this season, leading up to Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco (er…Santa Clara) next February (you can see the pic below). The on-field NFL shield will also be painted gold in every stadium.

The league is going all out in its build-up to the gold anniversary of the Super Bowl, and much of it revolves around the color gold.

  • The logo of the Super Bowl will be more simple than years past, with the Lombardi Trophy in front of a gold "50," displayed in the picture above.
  • Every player to have appeared in a Super Bowl will be given a commemorative gold football to present to his high school as an acknowledgement of their contribution to his career.
  • Team apparel on game sidelines will be accented in gold.
  • All Pro Bowl uniforms will also feature gold.
  • The NFL aims to bring every living Super Bowl MVP to the Super Bowl as the largest gathering of Super Bowl MVPs ever.

The first Super Bowl in 1966 actually wasn't called the Super Bowl, but rather the AFL-NFL Championship Game. It wasn't until the third installment that we saw the words "Super Bowl."

San Francisco is planning a Super Bowl like we haven't seen before. More on that in another post.