Gay football fan in Wisconsin (big Badgers fan) Sean Burke has started a petition requesting the Big Ten move its football title game out of Indianapolis. The game is currently set for Lucas Oil Stadium this December.

From the letter:

On March 26, 2015 Governor Pence of Indiana signed into law a bill that would allow businesses to discriminate against members of the LGBT community under the guise of "religious freedom" Such a law runs contrary to the ideals of the Big Ten Conference and puts students, fans and staff at risk of open discrimination based solely on who they love.Such law sends the message that members of the LBGT community are second class citizens contrary to the many contributions members of the LGBT community have made in areas such as science, the arts, architecture, business and not to mention sports.

The State of Indiana, as a member of the Big Ten Conference, needs to be told that it must live up to the ideals of the conference and respect all persons regardless of sex, age, religion, gender identity, or sexual preference.

You can sign the petition here