Openly gay U.S. gymnast Josh Dixon is slated to compete in Indianapolis later this summer at the P&G Gymnastics Championships. Outsports caught up with Dixon and asked him about the new anti-LGBT law in Indiana and how that might affect him as an out gay competitor:

"I think it's really sad that this type of legislation could even be pushed. With the positively changing landscape of LGBT inclusion in sports, one would think that such a sports-driven Indianapolis, with its affiliated professional teams, national governing bodies, and national training centers would take a solid stance against allowing this type of outright discrimination.

"Personally, I can only speak in a positive light when it comes to USA Gymnastics and creating an open and inclusive space for everybody. It will be interesting to see what comes of this given that their NGB headquarters is in Indy as well as our premiere competition this summer. From the lens of going there as a top-level gymnast for a high-stakes competition, the added stress of establishments being able to discriminate against me because of who I am – well it disgusts me.

"Let's get real. This is along the lines of having legislation that refuses certain rights based on the color of one's skin. I thought those days were over. I guess it's different in Indiana."

Hopefully USA Gymnastics will do the right thing and move the P&G Championships to a state that has not legalized discrimination against anyone based on their race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity.