USA Gymnastics president Steve Penny has released this statement regarding the signing of SB 101 in Indiana, legalizing discrimination against gay people:

"USA Gymnastics provides the opportunity to participate in gymnastics to all athletes, regardless of an individual's religious, ethnic or cultural background, or sexual orientation. One of USA Gymnastics' hallmarks is its inclusion and diversity. We do not accept any form of discrimination toward our community or attendees at our events, and we are concerned about the possible impact of this law. We will work closely with the Indiana Sports Corp. and the mayor to better understand how this development might be contrary to hosting successful events that are open and welcoming to everyone."

All Penny has to do is read this story of the Indiana restaurant owner who is happily and proudly refusing service to gay people. While he did it subtly before, he will now be empowered to do it openly.

The P&G Championships are set for Indiana this August. Openly gay gymnast Josh Dixon has already said the existence of the law and the uncertainty about how he'll be treated by business owners will affect him. Not sure what else Penny needs to understands. To keep them there is to accommodate and justify discrimination.