Throughout much of the 1990s, Reggie Miller was as close to God as anyone can get in Indiana. This was before Peyton Manning and after Gene Hackman. Miller was God. The Pacers guard became a legend between his spats with Spike Lee and his uncanny ability to shoot the basketball when all odds were against him. He once single-handedly scored 8 points in 10 seconds in an NBA playoff game and won (see video proof below). He was, in basketball-crazy Indiana, God.

So when Miller, who likes to keep his conversations to basketball, opens up about politics – and religion – and his adopted home state of Indiana – you better bet it means something:

"I've never been big into politics but I'm very disappointed in my adopted home state of Indiana and the passing of Senate Bill 101.. I've always been about inclusion for all, no matter your skin color, gender or seuxal preference.. We are all the same people, beautiful creatures.."

I certainly hope the NCAA pays close attention to this college basketball legend, whose No. 31 has been retired by UCLA. He's now a commentator on TNT. With Charles Barkley, that makes two prominent basketball commentators who have taken The Hoosier State to task over this. Hopefully the NCAA will follow suit and pull all major events out of Indiana.

BTW, check out Miller's totally insane 1994 NBA playoff performance below.