USC athletic director Pat Haden has canceled his trip to Indianapolis in support of his gay son, Ryan. Haden was supposed to attend a meeting of the College Football Playoff selection committee, of which Haden is a member.

He said on Twitter:

This is the second time Haden has publicly talked about his son Ryan being gay. He previously did so in a USC newsletter.

“I am incredibly proud of my father for making this choice not to attend the college football playoff committee meeting in Indy this week,” Ryan told Outsports. “I have so much respect and love for my dad and to see him make a public statement like this not just for me, but for everyone out there against whom discrimination might be applied, speaks volumes. I truly have the best dad in the world!”

Now the question begs itself: What will USC do about its scheduled game at Notre Dame in South Bend, Ind., on Oct. 17? We'll have to see if Gov. Mike Pence and the Indiana state legislature figure out a real solution by then.