How much has the firestorm over the new Indiana law legalizing discrimination against LGBT gripped the state? On the eve of the Final Four – one of the state's biggest events – the official tourism site for Indianapolis is covered in rainbows, not basketballs.

The current lead story at is an LGBT guide to the city, and a rainbow stretches across the skyline. There are other stories on a scroll on the site, but everyone who visits the site today is greated by a big, bright rainbow.

It shouldn't be a surprise. The sports world has rallied against the new anti-LGBT law despite the new assertion by Gov. Mike Pence that the law doesn't allow discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. The NCAA, Big Ten, NBA, WNBA and many others in the sports world – including Indy hero Reggie Miller – have sent a clear message that the new law is not OK.

There will be several people from the LGBT sports movement at the Final Four this weekend at an LGBT-supportive brewhouse on Friday and a coaches panel on Saturday.