Antigay Christian activist and fired reality show host David Benham made news last week when he claimed that he converted a man away from his “gay lifestyle” with love and tickets to a Chicago Cubs game.

I found the use of Cubs tickets to be an odd vehicle for a gay-to-straight conversion. It’s true that the Cubs have sucked, like forever, but Wrigley Field is located smack-dab in the middle of Boystown. Plus, watching a baseball game is seeing a group of young, good-looking, well-developed athletes in their prime sweat and move for three hours; hard to see how that would make a gay man suddenly desire women.

David Benham and his twin brother Jason think that all it takes to convert a gay guy is a trip to a ballgame. Well, two can play at that game. Take a look at these 2015 Cubbies from their media day photos and tell me they wouldn't make a straight guy just a litle bi-curious and consider creating a headless Grindr profile.
In honor of Chicago baseball history, we'll call these "8 Men [Who Would Make a Straight Guy Come] Out." Bonus: After some readers complained, we have added a ninth Cub to the list at the bottom.

Kris Bryant. You had us with that big piece of wood you're handling.

Jorge Soler. The only thing this photo needs is a 69 instead of a 68 on the bat.

Miguel Montero. He's a catcher. You'll be the pitcher.

Corey Black. Look at that baby-face and hipster facial hair.

Javier Baez. They don't call Chicago "The City of Broad Shoulders" for nothing.

Pedro Strop. He's just teasing us with that ball.

Ryan Sweeney. That smile could win the Triple Crown.

Rafael Lopez. Aim that catcher's mitt a bit lower, please.


Anthony Rizzo was suggested by several readers and it's hard to argue!
Photos by Rich Pilling/Getty Images.