Dalton Maldonado, a point guard for the Betsy Layne High School boys basketball team, came out publicly on Outsports yesterday and told the story of being harassed during a game by an opposing team. The story went viral as an outpouring of support for Maldonado spread across social media.

Now Tomo News, known for creating wacky videos of top news stories, has given Maldonado's ordeal their once-over, complete with this incredible insight:

"Scientists have discovered that a gay basketball player is remarkably similar to a straight basketball player."

Hilarity – including a "gay basketball" and rainbow flags – ensues.

While some may shake their head at having fun with the idea of on-court LGBT harassment, the video mocks the anti-gay opposing team. Plus, Maldonado is a good kid with a great sense of humor.

While we're doing more digging on the high school basketball team – aptly labeled "troglodytes" the Tomo News – that harassed Maldonado, check out the video here: