As we've said in a couple posts, the welcome mat in Indianapolis has been painted pink this weekend in response to Indiana's law that, until Thursday, opened the door wide to anti-LGBT discrimination. Welcoming messages have been everywhere, from stickers worn by NCAA employees to rainbow flags on Uber's phone app.

Nabisco, producers of the Oreo cookie, has followed suit with this giant banner near Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the Men's Final Four.

It's not a surprise to see this. Gov. Mike Pence opened the door to companies taking advantage of his anti-LGBT law when he signed it last week. It was a bad message and corporations have used the opportunity to showcase their own inclusivity. Plus, Nabisco's parent company, Mondelez, has an HRC Corporate Index rating of 100.

A couple years ago Oreo released a rainbow campaign that drew praise and criticism. We're betting culture has changed so much that no boycotts will be called over this Final Four campaign.