Here is a shocker: Someone who has played college basketball won the Outsports 2015 men's NCAA tournament pool. Usually these things are won by someone who is clueless about basketball and made their picks based on school colors.

Derek Schell, who wrote an amazing coming out story while playing for Hillsdale College in 2013, spoke Saturday about being a gay player before the National Association of Basketball Coaches, who were meeting in Indianapolis. He has been a powerful voice in raising visibility of LGBT athletes.

Duke's win over Wisconsin put Schell over the top, but it was his picks in the first round that provided him the winning margin. Cyd finished in a tie for 35th and I wound up near the bottom in 64. That's what I get for picking Northern Iowa in the Final Four, and they lost their opening game.

Someone named agove5 on ESPN won the women's tournament pool, correctly picking the favorite UConn to win it all!