With Tom Brady facing a suspension for up to the first four weeks in the NFL season, attention has turned to his backup with the New England Patriots — Jimmy Garoppolo. We noticed him as soon as he was drafted last year and our online poll has him beating Brady in the hot department 78% to 22%.

Sportsgrid took notice of us noticing, and wrote:

This is one source that really doesn't seem to be all that bothered over Brady's four-game suspension. Today, Outsports ("The Galactic Leader In Gay Sports") is running a football-centric feature headlined Why Belichick Sees Brady Suspension As An Opportunity. Nothing on the merits of the suspension, mind you: just the prospect of the first four Garoppolo-laden games. Which is fine.Actually, the column on Belichick had nothing to do with Garoppolo's looks and focused solely on the football aspects, but thanks for noticing.
Many in the Twitterverse did notice Garoppolo, who was thrust into the news this week after the Brady suspension was announced. Here is a sample of people who find him hot (and it's not just us gays who think so):

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